Why is it so hard to get fast & reliable rural Internet?

Cable providers don’t want to dig trenches.

In most rural areas, traditional wirelines Internet services like Comcast or AT&T aren’t available. Cable companies only offer services within urban or suburban areas that have a high population density. In order to bring cable Internet service to rural areas, providers would have to dig trenches to bring the wirelines out to the country. Unfortunately, these providers do not think that it is worth it to dig trenches in rural areas, as there are fewer customers per mile than in urban areas.

DSL is slow and does not guarantee their speeds.

DSL Internet can be available in certain rural areas through a local phone company. However, even if DSL is available, speeds can drastically vary depending on how far away you are from the phone company hub. Even if you are close to the phone company hub, your speeds may still be inconsistent because most DSL providers do not guarantee their speeds.

Satellite Internet is slow & unreliable.

If you can’t get DSL or cable Internet, satellite Internet, such as Viasat or Hughesnet, is another option for rural areas. However, satellite Internet is notorious for being slow and unreliable. Because the data travels to and from satellites 88,000 miles away in space, latency and high ping rates can be a major issue for satellite Internet users. This can be particularly frustrating when gaming online. Weather can also affect the quality of your satellite Interne signal, as heavy rains and thunderstorms can completely block the signal. Satellite Internet providers also have data limits in order to manage network congestion and traffic. This means that every customer can only use a certain amount of data or bandwidth on their connection. If you exceed those limits, you made be charged a hefty overage fee or have your Internet speed slowed down to dial-up speeds.

Mobile hotspots are expensive and limited.

Mobile hotspots are another Internet option for rural areas. Your cell phone can be used as a mobile hotspot or you can purchase a mobile hotspot device from a cellular provider like Verizon or AT&T. Nevertheless, mobile hotspots can be expensive, as most mobile hotspots have data limits. you go over your data limits, you could be hit with overage fees or have your speed greatly reduced. Also, if you live a very remote area, where you cannot get cell reception, mobile hotspots may not even work!

unWired is unlimited, fast and reliable!

Not all hope is lost though…unWired is here to help! We are committed to bringing fast & reliable Internet to rural areas across the Central Valley. We are a fixed wireless Internet provider and all of our towers are located 10 miles or less from your location, which means our Internet service is reliable and has low latency. We also have completely unlimited data, free from any kind of data limit. Our speeds are guaranteed, and we can offer speeds anywhere from 5 to 100 Mbps depending on your need. What are you waiting for? Call our friendly sales team today at (844) 650-FAST.

About unWired Broadband
unWired Broadband is the leading Internet provider for rural and underserved areas in Central and Northern California. Their network includes over 200 towers connecting communities that have been ignored by cable and fiber Internet providers. Since their inception in 2003, they have expanded their connectivity suite to also include redundancy solutions, a data center and most recently, fiber Internet.