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Business-grade speed and reliability for rural and underserved areas.



Fast and reliable Internet is just as important to your business as reliable employees and equipment. Let us help you grow your business with guaranteed speeds, unlimited data and locally-based customer service. Whether you own a packing shed, a farming operation or another business based in a rural area, we can help you get and stay connected!

How It Works

We broadcast our Internet signal from towers that are strategically located to cover rural and underserved areas. Using a small radio and antenna placed near your building or home, technicians locate and align the antenna for optimal signal strength and connect it to your router. We are proud to deliver fast, reliable, truly unlimited wireless Internet with guaranteed speeds to almost any location in the Central Valley.

Unlimited Data

Upload and download at your maximum listed speeds 24/7/365.

In-House Support

Based in Central CA, our representatives work alongside our network engineers.

24/7 Connection Monitoring

We collect 7 KPIs from our radios every 2 minutes and store for at least 30 days.

Guaranteed Speeds

We offer guaranteed speeds ranging from 75% to 100% of the maximum plan speeds.


Our network boasts 99.99% average uptime, ensuring your business stays in business.

Static IP and Ethernet Handoff

Simple Layer-2 hand-off. Easy to connect and configure.

No Hidden Charges

When you sign up with unWired, there are no hidden or additional charges.

Low Latency

unWired is ideal for VoIP, remote connections and other latency sensitive applications.

Fast Installation

In most cases, we can have your Internet connection up and running in days.



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