unWired Community Spotlight: Lemoore, CA

unWired Community Spotlight is a series highlighting the communities that make Central California a great place to live. unWired is proud to provide fast and reliable Internet to homes and businesses in Lemoore and the surrounding areas.

Dr. Lovern Lee Moore from France settled on the north shore of Tulare Lake, which at the time was the 2nd largest freshwater lake in the US. As Tulare Lake began to dry up in the late 1800s, small farms began to pop up in the area due to the fertile soil. Dr. Moore decided to bring these people together to form the community that we know today as Lemoore. The city was officially incorporated in 1900, only 2 years after the death of Dr. Moore. Over the years, Lemoore has remained a major agricultural hub of the Central Valley and California. Top crops in the area include cotton, tomatoes and walnuts, as well as dairy farms and cattle ranching.

Lemoore has a large military community, thanks to Lemoore Naval Air Station, located just west of the city of Lemoore. The Lemoore NAS is the nation’s largest Master Jet Base in the United States Navy; approximately 7,200 service men and women are based there. On average, 210,000 operations are flown out of the Lemoore NAS every year.

A little-known fact about Lemoore is that surfers from around the world travel to the town for state-of-the-art surfing. In 2015, world famous surfer Kelly Slater built the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch, an exclusive surfing facility just outside of Lemoore off Highway 41. The man-made wave pool attracts surfers and celebrities alike for World Surf League competitions and was even the filming location for the ABC reality show, The Ultimate Surfer.

Photo source: https://surfmuseum.org/

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