unWired Broadband expands coverage area to Lodi

unWired Broadband is proud to announce that we have expanded our coverage area to Lodi, Galt and the surrounding rural communities. This expansion was made possible by the launch of two new towers in our North Valley network, one in north Stockton and one in northwest Lodi. In addition to expanding our coverage area, they will also serve existing customers in the Stockton area. These are the first two towers that we have launched so far in 2021 and they are an excellent addition to our network of over 150 towers.

The deployment of these new towers in the north Valley is the most recent expression of unWired’s continued commitment to providing fast & reliable Internet to those in rural and underserved areas throughout Central California. In the coming months, we look forward to continuing the expansion of our North Valley network, as well as improving our entire network across the Valley floor.

To find out if you can get unWired where you live or work, give us a call at (844) 650-3278!