The Best Video Conferencing Software for Working Remotely

If you or your team is working remotely, you know that communication can sometimes be disorganized! But, you can communicate with ease via chat, video or audio using these apps that make communicating with your team easy and simple.

Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing apps on the market right now. Zoom is perfect for large webinars or small meetings. You can get your entire team together with a maximum of 1000 participants and 49 videos on the screen at one time. They even have a Virtual Background feature that allows you to change the background of your video; perfect for those times when you want to hide your messy house or office. The free plan includes up to 100 participants, unlimited meetings and a 40-minute time limit. There are also paid plans available.

If you already use Google products or G suite, Google Hangouts Meet might be perfect for you! All you have to do is set up a meeting and share the link with the participants. There are no plug-ins or special accounts required. All you need is the link. For those that already use G suite, you can send meeting invites right from your Google Calendar or Gmail. Google Hangouts Meet is included in G suite and plans start at $6 a month.

Plans start at $12 a month for 150 participants or you can host webinars on GoToWebinar starting at $49.99. You can even host a meeting on the go with commuter mode. Other features include conference calling (either audio or video), screensharing, cloud recording and voice commands to join or start a meeting.

With Skype, you can share an online meeting with just 3 clicks…no sign-ups or downloads required to get started. You can use Skype on desktop, any smart device or even Xbox! Skype also has a text chat or voice call option for you to keep in touch with your team throughout the day. Features like call recording or screen sharing (even on mobile!) are also available. Skype is free to use, but you can upgrade your plan to utilize even more features for your team.

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