The Best 10 Subscription Services in 2020

Subscription services and boxes can be a great gift for loved ones, but are also a great way to treat yourself. It’s like a surprise in the mail! No matter your age or interest, there is a subscription service perfect for you. Here is a list of some of the best subscription services out there:

If shopping for meat in the grocery store is a huge chore, then meet Butcher Box! With Butcher Box, you can get high-quality beef, chicken or pork delivered to your door. Pick from a selection of curated boxes or create your own from 21 different cuts of meat! With free shipping on every box, meat is frozen when shipped and comes in a specially packaged and insulated box. Select how often and how big you would like your Butcher Box shipment to be. Plans start at $129 a month, with free shipping included on every box.

For only $49.99 each season, you can receive 8-10 full sized beauty, makeup, wellness and lifestyle products from FabFitFun! With your membership you can also gain access to member perks like FabFitFun TV and get exclusive deals. There is a $200+ value in every box and the shipping is always free!

HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery service that delivers all the ingredients you need to make a delicious meal, along with instructions and recipes. Meals start per $7.49 a serving and have low calorie, classic, vegetarian and family friendly plans available. Every week, you can select your delivery date, which meals you want and how many servings. You can also view all the recipes online if you ever want to make the recipe again! With HelloFresh, there is no commitment; you can cancel or skip up to 5 days before your scheduled delivery.

Humans aren’t the only ones that need a subscription box…dogs need in on the fun too! BarkBox delivers treats and toys for your furry friends every month for only $22. Each box is customized based on your dog’s size and comes with 2 toys, 2 bags of treats and a chew. There is a different theme every month ranging from Chewrassic Park to Snowbound Hounds.

If skin care is a concern in your life, then Curology might be your solution. Whether you struggle with breakouts, wrinkles, dark spots or more, you can get a custom skincare formula shipped to you every month. All you have to do is submit a picture of your face and you will get connected to a provide who will formulate a skin cream just for you and will check up on your progress. Curology starts at just $19.95 a month for prescription strength formulas at a fraction of the cost.

Book of the Month is a subscription service bookworms will love because it does all of the hard work for you! Every month, BOTM curates 5 books for its members to choose from and it is shipped to you for only $14.99. Plus, you can get access to early releases not available anywhere else! If you don’t like any of this month’s selections, you can skip a month at any time. Or, you can pay an extra fee and add more books to your box, as well.

Keeping kids entertained and motivated to learn can be difficult, but KiwiCo can help! With KiwiCo, you can have science and art projects delivered for your kids every month. Simply pick a line of boxes based on your child’s age and special interests (including science, crafts, geography, engineering and more). All of their products are inspired to STEM and STEAM, and are designed for kids ages 2 to 16+. You can pause or cancel your plan anytime and the shipping is always free!

If you are an outdoor enthusiast or survivalist, Battlbox might be your new favorite thing! The Battlbox delivers outdoor and survival gear shipped straight to your house, from sleeping bags to emergency supplies to camping equipment and more. Boxes start at $29.99 and they offer 4 different size boxes. You can change or cancel your subscription at anytime.

Get snacks from around the world delivered to your home with SnackCrate! These boxes ship free worldwide and are perfect for the whole family to try new foods and snacks. Each monthly SnackCrate features a new country. Choose from 3 different box sizes and receive 20+ full-size snacks a month starting at only $7.99.

Dollar Shave Club is the perfect way to stay stocked up on razors, shaving cream and other men’s products. To start, you can take their quiz to get a customized starter set, then schedule a restock box with the razors and full-size products of your choosing. You can also determine how often your restock boxes arrive. Pricing varies based on the products.

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