How to Extend the Life of Your Computer

Computers play a vital role in our daily life, whether at home or a work. Unfortunately, they don’t last forever and need to be replaced occasionally. Replacing a computer can be expensive, however there are several things that you can do to increase the lifespan of your computer.

Install anti-malware software.

If you don’t have an anti-malware software such as Norton or Malwarebytes, make it priority to install one as soon as possible. Software like these can protect your computer from viruses or malware. When your computer gets a virus, it can crash, causing your data to be lost or compromised. Sometimes a computer crash can be bad enough to force you to replace your computer. Luckily, anti-malware software will scan your computer for viruses on a set schedule and attempt to remove them for you.   

Back up your computer.

Invest in an external hard drive for back-up purposes and set your computer to back up frequently. If for some reason, you lose all your files, having a back-up on an external drive can be a life saver, especially if you have a lot of important files such as pictures or financial documents on your computer.

Update your operating system.

It can be so easy to ignore the update notifications that you receive on your computer, but ignoring them could decrease the lifespan of your computer. Operating system updates can improve the security and performance of your computer, as well as give you more features! You can even set your computer to automatically update when it is sleeping.

Restart your computer on a regular basis.

A lot of computer problems, such as slow performance, freeze-ups and errors can be solved simply by restarting it! Instead of being frustrated with computer issues and having to restart your computer in the moment, make it a habit to restart your computer at least once a week. Just this simple step can extend the life of your computer significantly.

Delete unwanted files and uninstall unused programs.

Don’t let a ton of files and programs bog down your computer. A major culprit to a slow computer can be having too many files and software. Go through your files and delete any that you no longer need. Also, delete and uninstall any programs that you never use. Don’t forget to empty your Recycle Bin when you’re done!

If you have a laptop, don’t overcharge it.

Constantly charging your computer can drastically decrease the life and quality of your battery. Charge the battery only when the battery gets low and don’t leave it plugged in longer than it needs to be. The same goes for your phone, tablet or any other device that you charge.


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