How does unWired measure up against satellite Internet?

At unWired, we talk to customers everyday who are overwhelmed by all of the Internet options available today. But don’t worry, we’ve put together a helpful overview of how our service stacks up to satellite Internet providers.

When you use satellite Internet, data has to travel 88,000 miles to and from satellites in space to your router. This can cause high latency, meaning there is severe lag and delay. This can make online gaming virtually impossible and users may experience a lot of buffering when streaming video. Our towers are usually based less than 10 miles away, which drastically reduces latency and increases reliability. Service issues can also occur with satellite Internet providers during severe weather such as rain, wind or snow. Our service is rarely affected by severe weather and we have 99.99% uptime.

Satellite providers are notorious for their data limits. They may even advertise unlimited data with “soft data limits”, and then throttle you to dial-up speeds once you go over the data limit threshold. Or they may charge you outrageous overage charges for going over your data limit altogether. All of our plans include completely unlimited data. With unWired, you can stream, game and download as much as you want without monitoring your data usage. Simply choose your speed and use it all day, every day with no limits!

Satellite Internet providers only offer “up to” speeds and never guarantee them. You could be paying to receive a certain speed, but never actually get those speeds. We’re so confident in our service, we guarantee that you will receive 75% to 100% of your plan speed at all times.

About unWired Broadband
unWired Broadband is the leading Internet provider for rural and underserved areas in Central and Northern California. Their network includes over 200 towers connecting communities that have been ignored by cable and fiber Internet providers. Since their inception in 2003, they have expanded their connectivity suite to also include redundancy solutions, a data center and most recently, fiber Internet.