Custom Pole Installation

Why do I Need

a pole?

In circumstances where trees, buildings and other objects obstruct line-of-sight to an unWired tower, customers have the option of a custom pole installation. Our inhouse construction and aerial team can install a pole at your location to ensure optimal Internet connection.


All customers…

  1. Must be the property owner. If renting, approval from the property owner is required. The property owner will be the customer of record for the pole installation and must sign the contract.
  2. Must be enrolled in auto-pay. Customer can choose between ACH or credit card.

Existing customers…

  1. Must be in good standing. with no more than 2 overdue payments in the last 12 months.

Standard pole installation includes:

  1. Pole Up To 45 Feet
  2. Line Locator Fee
  3. Labor
  4. Up To 25 Feet Of Conduit/Electrical

Payment Schedule Pricing

If customer decides to construct their own pole…

The following checklist and our pole standard guidelines need to be fulfilled:

  1. Picture of hole to depth (tape measure to bottom)
  2. Picture of base after backfilled and compacted
  3. Picture of pole from afar
  4. (If guyed) pictures of anchors, cable clamps and how the cables are secured to pole

All pictures can be sent to


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