Comparing the Best Internet Browsers

Using a solid Internet browser is crucial to a seamless Internet experience. We are breaking down the pros and cons of the four most popular Internet browsers, so you can decide which one is best for you!

Google Chrome is the most widely recommended and used Internet browser, with over two-thirds of all Internet users on Chrome. Chrome is relatively fast, however it can sometimes bog down your computer, especially if you are using a lot of tabs. You can sign into your Google account and sync your browsing history, passwords, bookmarks and more across all of your devices with their mobile browser, available on Apple and Android devices.

Recently, Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer is being phased out and will officially be retired in 2022. If you currently use Internet Explorer, Edge is a great alternative! You may even already be using Edge, as it is the default browser on most Microsoft products. With its easy-to-understand privacy settings and ability to download webpages as apps, it is a much-improved version of Internet Explorer. It even runs faster than some of its competitors, such as Chrome and supports all Chrome extensions. Although the user experience and design not as great as others, Microsoft Edge is a great browser option, especially for those on Microsoft devices.

Although Firefox can run a bit slower than other browsers, it’s dedication to privacy protection is unmatched. It automatically blocks third-party tracking by default and will alert you if your email address has been compromised in a data breach. It is extremely customizable and has a huge library of plugins and extensions. If privacy is a concern for you, Firefox could be a great fit for a browser!

If you use an Apple device, you are probably very familiar with Safari. It is the default browser for all of their products and has a version for their iPhone, iPad and Mac. One of its biggest advantages is the ability to seamlessly browse across all of these devices with the Handoff feature. Safari runs slower than its competitors but will not wear down your Mac or iPhone battery as fast as other browsers. If you are an avid Apple user and have multiple devices, such as iPads, iPhone and a Mac, Safari might make sense to use, simply for the convenience of their Handoff feature.

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