Best Cloud Storage Services

Storing files and backing up your devices to a cloud-based service is one of the safest and most secure ways to store your important data. Physical hard drives can be stolen, damaged or lost, but files that are stored in the cloud cannot be destroyed and are much more secure. Here are some of our favorite cloud storage services to make sure that your important files are safe and sound.

To start, you can get 5 GB for free when you sign up for Microsoft OneDrive. However, if you would like to upgrade you can purchase more space individually or sign up for their Personal or Family plans starting at $69.99. When you purchase either of those plans, you also get the full Microsoft Office suite, including Word, Excel, Skype and more! All plans also include a virtual personal vault for maximum security and document scanning features.

Google offers the most generous free storage amount – you can get 15 GB of storage for free when you sign up for a Google account. You also get access to their suite of online document editing programs like Docs, Sheets and Slides. To get more storage, you can purchase Google One, with plans starting at $1.99/month for 100 GB. When you get Google One, you can also add your family to the plan and back up your phone with the Google One app.

If you are a dedicated Apple user, or even if you just own an iPhone, iCloud could be the perfect option for you. iCloud is built into every Apple device and when you sign up for an Apple ID, you get 5 GB for storage for free! If you need to upgrade for more storage, they offer plans starting at $0.99/month for 50 GB and you can share a larger storage plan with your family. Apple makes it very simple to automatically back up your devices to iCloud and you can even sync your MacBook Desktop and Document folders to access on the go on your iPhone or iPad devices

Dropbox is great for businesses, but also has great plans for personal use. They offer 2 GB for free, but you can upgrade to Dropbox Plus (1 TB) for $11.99/month or Professional (3 TB) for $19.99/month. Their paid plans come with Smart Sync to automatically back up your devices, a private vault, the ability to transfer large files and a password manager.

Amazon Prime members can get unlimited photo storage and 5 GB of video storage included their membership. If you need more space than that, you can purchase 100 GB for $1.99/month or 1 TB for 6.99/month. You can turn on their autosave feature and have all of your photos automatically saved and backed up to the cloud, giving you peace of mind that you will never lose your photos even if your phone is stolen or lost. If you share your Amazon Prime account with your family, you can create personal vaults and a shared family vault.

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