9 Apps That Make Traveling Easier

No matter where you are planning to travel, traveling can be stressful. From booking your trip to tackling the airports & freeways to exploring new cities, these apps are sure to make your traveling experience easier and less stressful.

Airline apps

All major airlines have apps that can assist you in the entire flying process…from booking your ticket to using a mobile boarding pass. You can also be notified of flight changes and delays. Never go to the airport without having your airline’s app downloaded. It will make your whole airport process much smoother!

Especially if you will not be renting a car on your trip, you may find that ride sharing apps such as Uber or Lyft to be more cost effective than using taxis. These apps use your phone’s location services to find a driver near you. All you have to do is request a ride and let them know how many people will be with you. A driver will arrive, and you can confirm their identity with the license plate number provided. When your ride is over, your credit card will automatically be charged and you can leave a tip for your driver if you would like. It’s as simple as that!

Find a great deal on your next vacation with Kayak. With this app, you can search hundreds of travel websites in one place. From flights to hotels to car rentals, you can save a lot of money by comparing prices and getting tips on when is the best time to book your trip. This app makes traveling a lot easier because you can also keep all of your travel plans and flight status alerts in one place. No more searching through your email or a pile of receipts to find your trip itinerary!

This app is officially authorized by US Customs and Border Protection and will allow you to expedite the Customs process at most major US airports and seaports when arriving home from an international trip. Simply download the app and create a profile using your passport information. When you land in the US, you will fill out a questionnaire, take a selfie and answer a series of questions about your travel. Upon completion, head to the designated Mobile Passport line and present the CBP officer with your passport and Mobile Passport barcode. Skip the lines and save yourself some time with Mobile Passport!

Keep an eye on gas prices no matter where you are in the country! GasBuddy is a map-based app that can provide you with gas prices in your area and allow you to leave and read reviews for gas stations. Whether you need to find a good deal on gas or just find one with a clean restroom, GasBuddy is the perfect companion for your next road trip.

Yelp is one of the best places to find great restaurants or hidden gems when traveling. You can search the app for restaurants near you or in a city that you will be traveling to. You can filter the search based on the type of cuisine, price, star rating and much more! You can also save restaurants in collections to help you remember which ones you want to try, or which ones are your favorites.

If you are traveling anywhere English isn’t the native language, Google Translate will be your best friend! You can type text to be translated or use your microphone for verbal translation. One of the most amazing parts of this app is the instant camera translation feature that uses your camera to provide instant text translations for 28 languages! Also, to avoid roaming charges when overseas, you can download languages for offline use…no Internet connection needed.

Similar to Uber or Lyft, Airbnb is a vacation rental app and website that lets anyone in the world rent out their home or property. This can be much cheaper than traditional hotels and you can experience a city as a local would, as many Airbnb hosts provide tips and tricks on the best restaurants and sights to see in the areas!

Waze is a community-based app that allows you navigate traffic with ease. Thanks to other drivers who report police activity, heavy traffic or other hazards, Waze navigates drivers to avoid these and get to their destination as quickly as possible. You can also get up-to-date reports on gas prices, and navigate to the cheapest stations.

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