6 Smart Home Devices You Didn’t Know Existed

With today’s ever evolving technology, there are always new smart home devices on the market. Check out some of the latest devices that can make your home even smarter. Some of them you probably didn’t know existed!

Thanks to Hatch, you can get a better night’s sleep! Hatch is a smart sleep assistant that creates a productive sleeping environment with customizable lights and sounds. You can control your Hatch with a mobile app and personalize your nighttime routine. Plus, in the morning, the Hatch will simulate morning light to wake you up gently. Hatch is also a great nighttime companion for your infant or child.

Keep an eye on your furry friend while you are away with the Furbo Dog Camera. This camera comes with 2-way audio and an app so that you can see and talk to your dog right from your phone. You can also get notifications whenever your dog barks, so that you can check up on them. The Furbo can hold up to 100 treats, allowing you to give your dog a treat, even when you’re not there!

You’ve probably heard of iRobot’s Roomba smart vacuum cleaner, but did you know that iRobot also sells smart mops? The Braava Jet Smart Mop can clean hardwood, tile and stone with ease and at the tap of a button. It works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices and connects to the iRobot Home App, which puts you in complete control of the Braava cleaning schedule and mapping of your home.

The smart lock is easy to install; you can even use your existing deadbolts and keep your original keys. Using your home Wi-Fi and the convenient August app, it’s easy to check to see if your door is locked, grant access to guests and see who is arriving and leaving your home. You can also set up automations to lock your door after its closed or unlock the front door using geofencing whenever you arrive at home. The August Smart Lock also connects to your favorite home assistants like Alexa or Google Home.

These smart lightbulbs can change color and temperature to adjust the ambience of a room at the tap of a button. Simply install these lightbulbs around your home and connect them to the Philips Hue app. The app gives you full control of your lights and lets you use presets to set the mood in your home. You can also control your lights with your Amazon Alexa or Google Home devices.

Thanks to SwitchBot Curtain, now even your window coverings can be smart! It takes 30 seconds to install this device on your curtain and can fit any curtain rod. After installing the SwitchBot Curtain and mini hub, all you have to do is open their mobile app and you can fully control your curtains from the app or your smart home assistant. The app also lets you set a schedule for your curtains and uses a built-in sunlight sensor to help you save energy in the summer and winter months.

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