6 Internet Terms You Should Know

There is a lot of lingo within the Internet industry that can be confusing, especially when trying to choose an Internet service provider. We defined some common terms and phrases that you should know when it comes to your Internet.

The rate at which data can be downloaded or uploaded from the Internet. Speed is measured in megabits per second (Mbps.). For reference, Netflix recommends an Internet download speed of at least 5 Mbps to stream HD videos. Most Internet connections have a different download and upload speed, with the download speed being faster.

A type of Internet where the signal is broadcast from towers that are strategically located within a certain area. Using a small radio and antenna placed near your building or home, technicians locate and align the antenna for optimal signal strength and connect it to your router. unWired Broadband is a fixed wireless Internet provider.

A device that is placed inside your home or business that delivers an Internet connection to your location. A router can either connect you to the Internet through an ethernet cord or through a wireless Wi-Fi signal.

A restriction that some Internet service providers may place on your Internet usage. A hard data limit means that after you use a certain amount of data, you will be charged overage or will be completely cut off. Soft data limits mean that after you reach a certain data amount, you can continue using the Internet, but at a slower speed. unWired Broadband is truly unlimited, meaning we will not cut off your service, throttle you or charge overages.

The lag or “ping” on your Internet connection, which is affected by how far the data has to travel. Satellite Internet providers are notorious for having a very high latency because the data travels 46,000 miles into space and back. Latency is measured in milliseconds (ms). Satellite Internet typically has 500-1000ms of latency and unWired’s average ping is 30ms.

The amount of time an Internet network is up and running. Uptime is usually measured in percentages. For example, unWired’s uptime is 99.99%, meaning our connection is operational 99.99% of the time.

About unWired Broadband
unWired Broadband is the leading Internet provider for rural and underserved areas in Central and Northern California. Their network includes over 200 towers connecting communities that have been ignored by cable and fiber Internet providers. Since their inception in 2003, they have expanded their connectivity suite to also include redundancy solutions, a data center and most recently, fiber Internet.