5 Social Media Tips for Ag Businesses

Some people may think that social media is just for trendy companies and brands, but social media is a great way to build awareness for all businesses, no matter your size or industry. In fact, social media can even expand the reach and influence of your agriculture business. Here are some easy ways to get started using social media for ag!

Just start somewhere!

If you don’t already have a social media account for your business, create one! We suggest starting with Facebook, as it has the most active users and it is super easy to create a business page. Other ideas of social media platforms to start with are Instagram or Twitter.

Post on a regular basis.

Staying active on social media is a great way to gain a following. Make sure that you are posting on a regular basis and even create a schedule, if that helps you stay consistent. Here are some ideas of what to post on social media if you get stuck:

  • • Inspiring quotes
  • • Videos of employees at work
  • • Photos of your products
  • • Fun facts about your industry or business
  • • Events
  • • Questions and polls

Network and build community.

Social media can be a great networking opportunity for your business and a great way to make some friends along the way. Make sure that you are following other farmers or members of the agriculture community. You can find new people to follow by joining ag-related groups or searching ag-related hashtags!

Respond to comments.

Another great way to build community is to comment on other’s posts and reply to the comments on your own posts. Staying active and interacting with your community helps you stay relevant. If you don’t know where to start, try setting goal to spend 5 minutes every day replying to posts and comments.

Showcase the faces and stories behind your business.

People love to see the behind the scenes, so show them! Whether it’s harvesting raisins, the almond blossoms in the spring or some of your employees in the office, people love to see the behind the scenes of your business. Try choosing one day a week to showcase an employee that you want to recognize on social media. All you have to do is snap a picture and write a short caption about them! It’s a super easy way to start putting a face behind your brand.

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