5 Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses

Many small businesses fail to implement proper cybersecurity practices because they believe that hackers only target big businesses. However, small businesses are just as susceptible to cyberattacks, if not more so. Hackers can prey on small businesses because they know that many are not prepared for cyber threats. Here are a few ways that you can protect your business from cyberthreats.

Install a firewall & anti-virus software

Anti-virus software, like Norton or McAfee AntiVirus, can scan your network regularly for viruses or malware. They can also protect your data, warn you about risky websites and block suspicious traffic. Software like this can be the frontline of protection against cyberthreats to your business.

Educate your employees

Did you know that employee negligence causes 60% of all cybersecurity breaches? Some of the most common cybersecurity breaches can happen when an employee clicks on a link or downloads a file that contains malware. You can help prevent these types of breaches by educating your employees on good cybersecurity practices, including:

  • • How to create secure passwords
  • • Not clicking on links or attachments in emails, unless you know the sender
  • • Being aware when downloading software on your computer
  • • How to tell if a website is legitimate

Beware of physical theft

Ensure that your office or building is secure and protected from break-ins with a security system and cameras. If electronics such as computers or hard drives are stolen, thieves can use those to access sensitive information from your business. Also, make sure that electronics that employees use outside of the office, including cell phones, tablets and laptops, are secure and password protected.

Back up your devices regularly

In the event of a hack or cyberattack, your business’ data may be compromised or deleted. For this reason, it is a good idea to invest in an electronic backup system of some sort for your business. Make sure to store a copy of the backups either in the cloud or on a physical hard drive offsite in case of physical theft or fire.

Hire a cybersecurity professional

If you don’t have an IT specialist on staff, you may consider hiring a cybersecurity firm to implement some systems and protocols to protect your business from being hit by a cyber threat. Although this can be a hefty investment, an investment in cybersecurity is an investment well made. Cyber-attacks are a real and ongoing threat in the business world and will only become more and more prevalent and sophisticated.

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