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What plan do I need to stream?

3Mbps or higher recommended for SD quality per TV or device, 7Mbps or more is recommend for HD or streaming (OR 7+ mbps for two TV’s in SD simultaneously).

Do you have overage charges?

NO. We provide you a limitless pipeline of data, not one bucket of data. What you choose is the speed of your data. NO Data Caps, NO Overages, NO Throttling of speeds. (you can upload or download as much as you want worry free, at the speed you have chosen)

What are your speed guarantees?

We guarantee to maintain speeds within 75% of your plan maximum at all times, and 100% of contracted speed for our Enterprise plans for business.

Does the speed slow down at certain times?

NO. We guarantee to maintain speeds within 75% of your plan maximum at all times. If however, you are using more simultaneous devices than your chosen speed plan can push, you service will very likely be slow. Contact one of our customer care representatives to ensure you purchase a plan that enables your desired bandwidth.

How do you set this up in my home?

We mount an external antenna on the roof or eve of your buidling then run line into the home to your router.

Do I need my own router?

YES. If you want to share the Internet connection with multiple devices routers are required, and routers are highly recommended for the security they provide. Customers can purchase your own or purchase one from UBI. Inquire with us for basic router suggestions.

Is there a contract I have to sign?

YES. Our contracts are 1, 2, or 3 year- longer term reduces installation fees. With our contracts we guarantee the speeds within 75% of your chosen plan maximum and warranty equipment and labor.

Is your service good for gaming?

YES. The low latency and no data (Gigabyte) caps with unWired service works great for gaming. Our customer care representatives can help ensure the right plan with enough speed for your gaming needs.

How many devices can I use at the same time?

There is no limit to how many users. Streaming, gaming and/or simultaneous device use utilizes your chosen plan maximum available bandwidth, so you have to be aware of how much you have going on and how much of the bandwidth each of those activities uses.

If I move, can I move my service to my new address?

YES. To move service within our coverage area the fee is $170 to cover technical staff time and equipment costs.

Do I have to be on auto-pay?

Yes. We will obtain your credit/debit card prior to instllation and this will be used on your billing account. You will not be charged until we have completed a successful installation.

Why are you so expensive?

We deliver services where “in-town” services like DSL and Cable don’t reach. unWired provides unlimited service to rural and underserviced areas and there is a lot of infrastructure required high quality connections to rural areas is difficult and expensive. You may find cheaper options out there but most are not truly unlimited and most don’t offer consistent guaranteed speeds.

How much is a service call?

Service calls are covered for UBI issues are covered under warranty; Service calls for issues with customers network, hardware, or devices may incur truck roll fees are case by case.

How are you different than satellite?

Your connection is to a tower within 20 miles vs a satellite 20,000 miles away. We are Local, We are truly unlimited, we don’t throttle speeds, and we have extremely low latency/lag compared to Satellite. You can stream and game without running out of data.

What is your cancellation policy?

80% of remaining months of service, ETF capped at $500 if you move to location not servicable by unWired.

How does your service work?

We utilize fiberoptic network and line-of-site radio technologies to deliver our high-speed services to you from one of our 100+ tower sites.

How is this different from Satellite or Wireless phone-type data service?

Our service is provided using what is referred to as Fixed Wireless Radio Transmission- our service works by your radio being aligned via line-of-sight to one of our 100+ towers in the Valley. With satellite service your signal has to travel upwards of 93,000 miles to talk to your satellite receiver. With wireless phone-type data, the connection varies by area towers and signal strength.

Does weather effect the service?

In the majority of cases NO.Severe weather can occasionally cause brief periods of performance in service.

Does the equipment cost extra?

Equipment is covered under the installation fee and is part of the monthly plan rate. Any additional costs would be for items like you purchasing a router through unWired router or for “custom” installtion that would include an attic run of the wire.

Can I get TV with your service?

We don’t provide traditional over the air tv service. What we do provide is fast, reliable connections with unlimited data that are great streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or online gaming.

How many gigs (Gigabytes) do I get with your service?

No data caps, no gig (Gigaytes) limits. All of our plans are completely unlimited, you just pay different rates for different download/upload speeds, depending on your specific needs.

What happens if your technicians can't get a signal at my location?

If our installation technicians are initially unable to get a quality connection at your location, we will discuss possible options to have the service delivered.This may include the clearing of an obstruction, erecting of a pole, or other options.We will also do a secondary review by our Engineering staff to determine the best possible other options. Service charges will only begin after a successful installation. You pay nothing for the attempt and your are under no obligation.

What happens if I don’t have a signal?

Contact our technical support team for assistance.

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