unWired expands Internet coverage to Wilton, CA

unWired is proud to announce that we have expanded our wireless Internet coverage area to Wilton, CA. This expansion was made possible by the launch of a new tower located north of Wilton, which will provide superb visibility and coverage to the communities of Wilton, Sheldon and Sloughhouse. This tower is outfitted with our state-of-the-art unWired NextGen equipment and is the 4th tower that we have launched so far in 2023.

“We are thrilled to bring this new tower online and provide top-quality internet to the community of Wilton,” said Craig Demanty, CEO of unWired Broadband. “We are confident that our unWired NextGen equipment will provide business and residents with the best possible Internet experience.”

The deployment of our new tower in Northern California is the most recent expression of unWired’s continued commitment to providing fast & reliable Internet to those in rural and underserved areas throughout California. In the coming months, we look forward to continuing the expansion of our Northern California network, as well as improving our entire network across the state.

Acerca de la banda ancha sin cable unWired Broadband es el principal proveedor de Internet rural en el Valle Central de California. Fundada en 2003, actualmente cubrimos más de 14,000 millas cuadradas entre Stockton y la base del Grapevine. Nuestros 150 sitios de torre están ubicados estratégicamente para cubrir las áreas rurales y desatendidas que han sido ignoradas por los proveedores de DSL, cable y fibra. Para ver si puede desconectarse donde vive o trabaja, ¡póngase en contacto con nosotros hoy!