How does unWired measure up against cellular hotspots?

At unWired, we talk to customers everyday who are overwhelmed by all of the Internet options out there. But don’t worry, we’ve put together a helpful overview of how our service stacks up to cellular hotspots.

Typically, with cellular hotspots, you purchase a certain amount of data per month and once that data is gone, your service stops working or you get hit with overage fees. It can be super easy to rack up a high Internet bill with cellular hotspots. However, all unWired plans include completely unlimited data. You can stream, game and download as much as you want without having to monitor your data usage. Simply choose your speed and use it all day, every day with no limits!

Cellular hotspots never guarantee their Internet speeds, meaning you could be paying to receive a certain speed, but may never receive them. When you use a cellular hotspot, you are using shared bandwidth from the nearest cell tower, which can cause your speeds to vary drastically. Every unWired Internet connection is a dedicated connection, meaning you don’t have to share your bandwidth with other connections. We’re so confident in our speeds, every contract includes a speed guarantee of 75% to 100% of your plan speed at all times.

Cellular hotspots have high latency, which can make online gaming virtually impossible. It takes longer for data to travel through the cellular network than it does for data to travel to and from one of unWired’s local towers. unWired’s network boasts low latency with an average ping rate of 30ms, making online gaming and streaming videos a breeze!

Acerca de la banda ancha sin cable
unWired Broadband es el principal proveedor de Internet rural en el Valle Central de California. Fundada en 2003, actualmente cubrimos más de 14,000 millas cuadradas entre Stockton y la base del Grapevine. Nuestros 150 sitios de torre están ubicados estratégicamente para cubrir las áreas rurales y desatendidas que han sido ignoradas por los proveedores de DSL, cable y fibra. Para ver si puede desconectarse donde vive o trabaja, ¡póngase en contacto con nosotros hoy!