3 More Streaming Services Coming in 2021

The past 18 months have been huge for new streaming services, with the launches of Disney+, Apple TV+, HBO Max and Peacock, to name a few! However, there are still more streaming services to come from some of your favorite networks.

If you love Food Network, HGTV, TLC, Discovery Channel, A&E, Lifetime and more, be sure to check out Discovery+, which launched on January 4. It includes all of your favorite Discovery content including, 90-Day Fiance, House Hunters, Chopped and more! Discovery+’s focus will be on reality and unscripted shows for a younger demographic. Plans will start at $4.99 with an ad-supported tier and $6.99 for an ad-free option.

CBS All Access is getting a facelift and rebrand in 2021 to become Paramount+. It will still have all of the same content you love from CBS All Access, but will also be adding Paramount, MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and BET content, including the reboot of MTV’s Behind the Music and a mini-series about The Godfather. The ability to watch live local TV and sports will also be added. Look for Paramount+ to launch in early 2021!

HBO Max’s launched their 10,000 hour library of TV and movies in spring of 2020. However, they will be releasing some new features and tiers to the service in 2021! First, a cheaper, ad-supported tier will become available in spring of 2021. Currently, they only offer one plan for $14.99, but you can expect the ad-supported tier to be more well-priced. They will also be offering a Live TV plan that will allow you to stream live TV from Cartoon Network, CNN, NBA TV, TBS and TNT. Pricing for these new plans have not been released yet.

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