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unWired Broadband delivers massive amounts of bandwidth to our towers which are interconnected with carrier grade wireless backbones and fiber from multiple providers. Our customers’ data is typically never more than a tower or two away from the speed and reliability of fiber. unWired Broadband is “the last mile” wireless bridge from our towers to our customer’s sites. This eliminates the need for expansive fiber build outs as well as the potential need for other costly wire-line solutions.

Find out how it works.

1) Our 100+ tower sites broadcast Internet

2) We install a radio & antenna then align it to the nearest tower

3) We run a cable from the radio to your router

4) You enjoy fast, reliable, high-speed Internet

Redundant Data Paths

Up Time. All the Time.

One of the biggest reasons for outages with hardwire Internet connections is damage to cables or conduit or other infrastructure. Errant backhoe operators, flooding, copper thieves and fires can quickly cut Internet service to thousands of customers for extended periods of time.

Fixed Wireless Internet connections take a completely different path to and from your building.

Let’s Get Started!

Everything Is Better When It’s Locally Grown.

Local Service

We are headquartered in Central California with in-house installation, sales and technical support. Customer service takes on a whole new meaning when you live and work with the customers you serve.

Unlimited Data

You can run at your plan speed 24x7x365! We supply a pipeline, not a bucket so you never run out of data. Plans are provided by speed not fixed allowances, so your data will never be throttled.

Latest Technology

Our team of network engineers are continually upgrading and expanding our network with the latest technologies and newest gear to keep pace with increasing demands of our customers.

Why unWired?

No Data Caps or Usage Limits

Download or upload at your maximum speeds 24/7! Never again worry about getting throttled to dial-up speeds or getting hit with large overage charges.

Happy Customers

70% of our new customers come from word of mouth referrals, with just 30% of our new customers coming from advertising campaigns. We understand that keeping customers happy is good business.

Guaranteed Minimum Speeds

We offer guaranteed minimum speeds that range from 75% to 100% of the maximum rate. There is a reason why we guarantee minimum speeds and most our competitors don’t… it’s the right thing to do.

In-House Technical Support

Our technical support team works alongside our engineers and network monitoring personnel to quickly define network issues to proactively resolve any service disruptions.

No Hidden Charges

We have no hidden fees or additional charges. That means if you sign up for a $59.99 per month plan with us you actually pay $59.99.


Our automated system proactively monitors six key performance areas on all customer radios, with data being collected every 2 minutes and stored on our servers for 30 days. Our engineers analyze the data to proactively correct problems and fine tune our network. In the rare case that you do need to call in for a connection issue, our technical support team has access to your radio performance data to help them quickly identify the problem and determine the best solution.

Locally Owned and Operated

We don’t hide behind endless phone menus or distance! We are headquartered in Central California and work hard to ensure you receive a great product and customer experience.

What our customers have to say about us

“We’ve worked with unWired Broadband for 10 years and they’ve always been very responsive to our needs.”

DAN GERAWAN / Owner, Gerawan Farming

“I would like to thank you again for the response you were able to give EECU yesterday, it made a disastrous situation turn into a positive situation, and I as well as our members appreciate it.”

ERIC C. H./ Educational Employees Credit Union

“Thanks for the GREAT service and AWESOME customer service!”


Fast, Reliable Internet

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