In today’s connected society, the internet is no longer just another way of doing business. It has become such a large part of our lives and the way we conduct business, that unless something doesn’t work as we expect it to, we don’t even notice it most of the time. The last thing you want is for your hard-earned customers to see any down time or missed connections due to cyber criminal activity. At unWired, our data centers are secured with the strongest means available—protected both physically and digitally—so you can continue to provide great business services without a second thought or worry about the functioning technology behind those services.

The unWired data centers are equipped with several measures of physical security to keep the wrong hands from reaching your rack-mounted data drives. Each rack located within the data center, which is accessible only through customer key card and biometric fingerprint technology, is secured with customer-designated combination locks. All entries are alarmed and monitored 24/7 with video surveillance. Data centers are temperature controlled using a Hot Isle Containment System with a closed loop chilled water system as well as additional 10- and 15-ton closed system air conditioning units for added cooling and redundancy. As a final precaution, we use cabinet-based fire detection and Green Gas fire suppression systems to keep the racks protected.

Though the data center racks are fully separated from the outside world, there are still cables and communications taking place at lightning speeds between the outside world and the data we keep safe. If not protected, these digital connections are equally as vulnerable to unwanted visitors as if we left the racks out in the parking lot. Of course, unWired protects your data from several means of attack, whether it’s a hacker trying to get a look or cyber attacks known as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. DDoS attacks are continually rising and getting more sophisticated (over 2,000 attacks occur each day across the globe) with the intent of taking down networks and services to open gateways for cyber criminals. unWired is dedicated to the uptime and security of our customers and has employed several techniques to both reduce and mitigate such attacks. These and other ever growing threats are monitored 24/7 to give our customers the assurance and peace of mind necessary to always be at your best in your daily business.

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