unWired Broadband is pleased to announce the completion of our transition to the new IMAP (Internet Messaging Access Protocol) email server, increasing overall security strength and improving synchronization with external email clients. The IMAP protocol allows users to store email and folders on our server while having the same complete access to their email and folders from any device. Any action that you take—such as creating secondary inboxes or reading, deleting and moving emails from one folder to another—is done on the remote server and then synchronized to each device you have enabled to access your email.

In other words, if you read an email on your smartphone, it will be marked as read when you access your email from your home desktop computer. If an email is deleted while working from your office laptop, it will reflect that deletion on your home desktop and your smartphone. This improvement gives our customers the flexibility of using any device or machine or more than one (which many of us do these days), while keeping all information synchronized at all times.

In addition to full synchronization across multiple devices, IMAP provides complete confidentiality due to its ability to encrypt passwords and to send and receive email with greater encryption. Each connection to the IMAP server requires SSL Security, which is the same level of encryption used by most e-commerce websites. Yet another way that we are providing the greatest security for your internet usage and data.

The new system also provides a learning spam filter and anti-virus filter, which you can control. The spam filter takes note of what you move to the spam folder and can use that information to keep similar emails from getting through to your inbox. Inversely, if you move an email from the spam folder to your inbox, the system will learn from that as well and won’t continue to move such emails into spam. We have provided a step-by-step setup guide to follow for both home computers and mobile access.

If you prefer to login to the webmail interface, you will find that the new system is much easier to navigate. It has excellent control features that allow you to completely customize what you see and how it looks.

If you are having any issues with accessing the new email server, please call our customer support at (559) 261-4444, option 2.