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All of our business wireless internet packages include Account Management, Automated 24/7 Connection Monitoring, and Discounted Backup Connection. Contact Us to get further details on how we can connect you with fast and reliable wireless internet. **Speeds and pricing based on availability.

Symmetrical Plans (Most often business customers)

Upload speeds are the same as noted download speeds.

Asymmetrical Plans (Most often residential customers)

Upload speeds are 25% of the noted download speed.

Asymmetrical plans: Upload speed is 25% of the noted download speed. Symmetrical Plans: Upload speeds are the same as the noted download speeds. Pricing shown above represents Mbps (megabits per second). *Recommended number of users is a good faith estimation based on research and historical data. Usage is dependent on number of applications using the bandwidth and how much bandwidth each app uses, so the actual speed needed may be different from your original estimation. **Pricing and availability subject to change; advertised plans and pricing not available in all areas.

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Custom plans are available