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Internet Plans for Businesses & Homes in Esparto, CA

Invest in fast, reliable and unlimited Internet at your business or home. We have plans engineered for streaming, online gaming, video calls, security cameras, and sending large files.

Thanks to our unlimited data, you can stream video 24/7 and never worry about network congestion, throttling or overage charges. Now that’s truly unlimited Internet!

Low latency is essential when online gaming and unWired has you covered. With guaranteed speeds and low latency, you can run at 75% to 100% of your maximum speed all day and night.

unWired provides business-class Internet to help you get everything accomplished. Whether you’re on a VOIP call, sending large files, or accessing data, you can do it all with our fast & reliable Internet.




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Plans starting at $59.99

All plans include:

Truly unlimited data

Guaranteed speeds

No hidden charges


Fast, friendly support

Convenient customer portal

Straightforward pricing

internet provider in Esparto, ca

Experience guaranteed Internet speeds

Most of our competitors don’t guarantee your speeds…but we do! We offer guaranteed minimum speeds ranging from 75% to 100% of the maximum listed plan speeds.


rural Esparto, ca

Designed for rural & underserved areas

Our towers are strategically located to cover the rural and underserved areas in California that have been ignored by DSL, cable and fiber carriers.


internet provider in Esparto, ca

Expertly installed by award-winning techs

Using a small radio and antenna placed near your building or home, technicians align the antenna to one of our local towers for optimal signal strength and connect it to a router.



Fast Internet in Esparto, CA

rural internet in Esparto, ca

Fast & reliable Internet designed for the country.

discover rural internet you'll love

unlimited data

guaranteed speeds

friendly support

no hidden fees

Award-winning Internet connectivity solutions for rural homes

don't just take our word for it.

I love love love unWired. They provide consistent reliable service for rural areas. I tried AT&T and HughesNet prior and it's just no comparison. Hands down easy choice if you're looking for a rural service internet.


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frequently asked questions

How does unWired provide Internet access in rural areas?

unWired specializes in bringing high-quality Internet to rural areas like Esparto, California, by utilizing fixed wireless Internet technology. We install equipment that establishes a wireless connection between our network and your location, ensuring fast and reliable Internet access, even if you live in the country.

While we strive to cover as much of Esparto as possible, the availability of our services may vary depending on the specific location and wireless signal strength in your area. We recommend getting in touch with us to check availability at your address.

Is unWired available throughout Esparto, California?

unWired is the #1 Internet service provider specializing in rural areas like Esparto, CA. We offer unparalleled connectivity options to meet the unique needs of rural residents. With our unlimited data and guaranteed speeds, we ensure reliable and high-speed Internet access, even in rural locations.

What makes unWired the best choice for rural Internet in Esparto?

Can I use unWired for both residential and business purposes in Esparto?

Absolutely! Our Internet services are available for both residential and business customers in Esparto. Whether you need reliable home Internet or a robust connection for your business operations, we have plans designed to cater to your specific needs.

How do I sign up for unWired?

Signing up for unWired is quick and easy! You can fill out the form above or give us a call at (844) 650-3278 to speak with one of our representatives who will check availability at your address.

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