Need redundancy support for your business internet? unWired Broadband is the Valley's #1 locally-owned fixed wireless provider!

Business Continuity Disaster Recovery (BCDR) | Redundancy | Failover Services

Does your business require a business continuity and disaster recovery plan? Do you have mission-critical services that require a backup internet connection? From health care, agriculture and financial companies to software developers, cold storage and security, unWired Broadband has been the company local businesses turn to for fixed wireless and business continuity since 2003. Our carrier-grade network is engineered to help your business stay in business whether it’s a down internet connection, unexpected disaster or power outage.

Don't Go Dark!

Downtime reduces productivity, costs money and hurts your credibility. You can guarantee your business stays up and running with a redundancy connection from unWired Broadband.

Redundancy Support

Our carrier-grade network is engineered to help your business stay in business. Your data travels over our independent network giving you a backup service that is truly redundant.

Latest Technology

Our team of network engineers are continually upgrading and expanding our network with the latest technologies and newest gear to keep pace with increasing demands of our customers.

How Fixed Wireless Works

1) Our 100+ tower sites broadcast Internet

2) We install a radio & antenna then align it to the nearest tower

3) We run a cable from the radio to your router

4) You enjoy fast, reliable, high-speed Internet

Does Your Business Require Redundancy Support?

Your business can’t run without Internet. It’s not just about serving customers – it’s about keeping your business running. Internet downtime shuts down a business’ ability to serve customers, function internally, and maintain productivity and revenue. Our carrier-grade network is engineered to help your business stay in business.

Does Your Business Require Internet 100% Of The Time?

Like electricity and water, Internet access has become an essential business utility and our reliance on it grows daily. As a result, the impact of Internet downtime can be costly. Whether using fixed wireless service as part of a redundancy/continuity plan or as a primary circuit to one or more locations, fixed wireless delivers high performance at an affordable price.

If Your Internet Went Down Do You Have A Back Up Plan?

Redundancy services are customizable with varying speeds, delivery options and price points. Don’t wait for your connection to fail, call unWired Broadband to ensure that your mission-critical systems stay up and running 24x7x365!

Have Questions?

Custom plans are available.