Why We’re Proud Sponsors of the Clovis Junior Soccer League

In 2002, Paul & Gloria Dorris launched the program as an “in-house League” by hosting CJSL with doors open to other surrounding leagues who had no formal infrastructure, but who had teams or kids who wanted to play.
The club is now a non-profit organization staffed and coached by 100% volunteers. Each and every one of those volunteers are dedicated to help teens continue their love for the sport and provide the best soccer for the least money.


We sponsor the FC Clovis League because we feel very strongly about giving to our community. It’s important when you have a company that does well you give back. We do it to show how grateful we are to our community, customers and the Central Valley.


Many of our staff have kids and feel very strongly about family values. If a kid can’t afford to join something for whatever reason, well that’s just not right in our book. We want every kid who wants to participate be able too.


Spring registration is now open for the Clovis Junior Soccer League! If you know a child between the ages of 12 to 19, consider signing them up for this amazing team and skill-building program.


We’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines!