We’ve Increased our Fresno County Wireless Coverage and Capacity With a new Tower

We’ve added a new tower to expand fixed-wireless services in both capacity and coverage to east Fresno County.

With the additional capacity and coverage, the new tower located on Round Mountain near Shaw and Academy will provide additional bandwidth and improved signal quality for the nearly 600 current customers living in and around the tower coverage area.

“Our goal is to constantly improve our service for our existing customers and increase accessibility for other rural customers.” says Craig Demanty, CEO at unWired Broadband Inc. “We want to encourage new and existing customers in the eastern parts of Clovis and the surrounding areas to call in to see if the new tower is a better option for their home or business.”

In the following weeks, unWired Broadband will be proactively reaching out and offering free realignment to current customers who should see immediate improvement in bandwidth and signal quality. All customers in the area should see an improvement in performance once the realignments are complete.

The addition of the new tower at Round Mountain is the most recent reflection of unWired Broadband’s continued dedication to providing full-scale wireless broadband solutions for both home and business needs in California’s Central Valley.