Who We Are

For the past 15 years unWired Broadband has been the number one high-speed wireless internet provider in the Central Valley, spanning the Grapevine up to Stockton, covering over 30,000 square miles. unWired specializes in providing the most dependable, cost-effective, high-speed business class internet connections to rural and underserved areas. By implementing the latest wireless technologies we reach locations that traditional wireline connections such as DSL or Cable have not. With our dedicated in-house support and technical teams we provide the best customer service possible while delivering fast and reliable internet.

unWired Broadband Leadership

Pete Sorensen

Peter is a Founding Partner of unWired with more than 40 years of Telecommunications and business management experience. Peter’s Financial Planning expertise and communications industry knowledge drive company goals for the team. During the last 15 years with unWired, his leadership skills have delivered unWired through solid project development growth while maintaining a basis of ʺGood Businessʺ practices.

Craig Demanty

As a founding partner Craig is an integral part of unWired and currently focused on the company’s acquisition processes and other key areas of leadership. Craig had more than 25 years of successful ISP management and sales experience when he and his partners launched unWired. With the last 14 years focused on defining the local wireless broadband internet market with unWired, Craig drives the goalsetting for sales, marketing and business development.

John Weigand

John joined unWired in 2006 as the first sales associate, and became a Partner in 2010 when he was presented with the opportunity to buy into the fast-growing company. He has taken on increasing roles of responsibility to his current position of Chief Customer Officer. John naturally looks at the business from the customers perspective and his current focus is in driving the company to deliver the best possible customer experience throughout the customer lifecycle.

Garrett Burbidge

As a Founding Partner and CIO of unWired Broadband, Garrett brings 20 years of experience from a good cross-section of industries. He applies proven methods in combination with cutting-edge technology to successfully cut costs, streamline operations, and increase productivity throughout the organization.  He earned a degree in Statistics at Brigham Young University, and applies his analytical background to solutions not only inside of his department, but the whole unWired team.

Colleen Icardo-Hicks
Sales Manager

South Valley farm life taught Colleen early on that a strong work ethic was paramount to success, and a person’s word or handshake was as good as any written contract. Colleen brings valued leadership skills and sales direction expertise to the team with more than 25 years of broad range experience in several industries and the last 10+ years focusing on sales leadership in telecommunications. She believes that promoting positive community growth in an essential part of a company’s prosperity and longevity.

Kevin McDaniel
VP of Operations

Joining unWired in 2015, Kevin now serves as VP of Operations bringing 10+ years of progressive leadership experience to the team. Kevin focuses on improving operational performance through development of systems, processes and procedures to drive improvement of network expansion and revenue growth. Kevin believes that each team member has a direct responsibility to always provide all unWired Broadband customers with the highest level of service possible.

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