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About UnWired Broadband Inc.

With the largest wireless footprint in the Central San Joaquin Valley, covering over 30,000 square miles, unWired Broadband reaches out to metropolitan and underserved rural communities alike with reliable, high‐speed connectivity; strong roots in customer service; and a desire to play a role in the economic growth of the region. We are a full‐scale broadband provider, equipped to service customers with High Speed Broadband Services through Fixed Microwave Wireless Technology. With our dedicated staff of employees, we are also a one‐stop source for our customers when it comes to, Network Consulting, Wireless Bridges, Emergency Broadband Services and Wireless Hotspots for large or small events.

Why Choose Us:

No Data Caps or Usage Limits

Download or upload at your maximum rates 24/7! Never worry about getting throttled to dial speeds or getting hit with large overage charges again.

Happy Customers

70% of our new customers come from word of mouth referrals. 20% come from expensive advertising campaigns. We understand that keeping customers happy is good business.

Guaranteed Minimum Speeds

Many services advertise fast speeds and low prices. When you call for technical support for slow speeds they let you know that those are "up to" speeds and that they can't help you. We offer guaranteed minimum speeds that range from 75% to 100% of the maximum rate. There is a reason why we guarantee minimum speeds and most our competitors don't.

In House Technical Support

We don't outsource technical support to foreign based call centers. Our technical support representatives work alongside our engineers and network monitoring personnel. In most cases if there is a network problem they will know. That means they can let you know and give an estimated time for repair instead of following a script that starts with you rebooting your computers and routers.

No Hidden Charges

We have no hidden or additional charges. That means if you sign up for a $69.95 per month plan with us you actually pay $69.95.


We proactively monitor 6 key performance areas on every customer radio. The data is collected every minute and stored for at least 6 months. Our engineers use this data to proactively correct problems and fine tune our network. In the rare case that you do need to call in for a problem, our technical support team will have access to performance data for your radio that in most cases help them quickly identify the problem and possible solutions.

Locally Owned and Operated

Our headquarters are located in Fresno California near the center of our coverage area. We know we can't hide behind endless phone menus or distance. We feel an extra level of responsibility to provide a great product and customer service.

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